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For those collecting the 3.75” #Hasbro #captainamerica #wintersoldier line - the #falcon figure is out now.
#outerspacemen protecting us from invaders
ActionFigureInsider’s 9th Anniversary Scoop Week teaser.  Coming April 21-25.
suggested retail price $9.99. This is the 3rd price increase at #ToysRUs #TotalHeroes #DC #pricegouge
You know it’s gonna be a good weekend when fresh new toys show up from The Four Horsemen! #OuterSpaceMen #4HM #glyos

Stunning Lady Death La Muerta Statue Now Available for Preorder from The CS Moore Studio!

Lou Scheimer (October 19, 1928 - October 17, 2013)

Here's an article for a Canadian magazine that I was quoted talking about action figures

Episode 3 of the "Geek Shall Inherit" podcast

It’s our Holiday episode where we discuss our favorite childhood Christmas memories.

Find out how the Death Star killed Santa (for me)

The new Masters of the Universe Windraider vehicle.  On sale RIGHT NOW on